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Oh, bipolar living.  Can anyone say lazy?  Fat lump of mess sprawled out in bed for hours on end.  I am not getting a date this way.  Who says I want a date anyway?  Have you seen what’s out there?  Yeah people like me!  Anyway, I have a hunky stud in the UK for my needs.  What?  She’s in an online relationship?  Of course.  She’s fat, ugly, broke and bipolar.  Locals want a person who is together, lives on their own with a career. Ladies and gentleman, drumroll!! The total opposite of me!

Age old question, how many bipolar females in the nuthouse?  My house there is one. So one.  I am losing it.  Yup definitely lost it.  I needed to lighten things up a bit. Bipolar dating hasn’t been the best over the years.  Can guys run fast enough when you say you’re bipolar?  Not only can they run fast, they run faster than fast.  Some even hold their crotch and cry.  Its pretty amazing.

Anyhoo, when you’re depressed all day, you feel fat and hopeless, it takes a lot to get outta bed.  So get your butt in gear I say!  Get out of that bed and DO something!  Go for a walk, go see a friend, GO GO GO!  Ok, while you do that, I am gonna lay here and read some more blogs.  Let me know how it goes! Neener, neener.

Stay tuned.