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Wild MustangsThe Mare and Her Stallion, a love story.

She is wild and free, among the forest she roams, uncatchable, ungettable.

Many have tried to tame her, muzzle her, even break her, yet she roams free.

She rides with the wind in her mane, uncaring of the world.

He sees her.

The strong stallion.  Broken he was.  Love had conquered him.

Long beautiful mane, strong powerful legs, the mighty stallion looks upon the horizon,

He sees her.

This mare.

So lovely, so innocent, riding freely on the beautiful land, speaking to the trees.

She has known her share of heartache too, but not like the mighty stallion,

The mare sees the stallion and as they lock eyes heaven nor hell can compare to the fire nor purity of their gaze.

Spirits of the land watch as these two walk slowly towards each other, hooves in the earth marking their every step.

The mighty stallion.  Broken he was.

He looks at this mare, he wants to own her, mount her, possess her.

She is willing, never coming across such a beast. She submits to his will.

So much heartache between them, both untrusting, unyielding, unwilling to sacrifice their freedoms.

Both have only roamed the Earth, riding hard and fast in life.

But now they found each other.

Riding together along the countryside, side by side, husband and wife.

Lovers for eternity, in this life and the next.

The mighty stallion and his lovely mare.