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savedYou know, in this online dating world, and the age of technology. real true romance kind of died somewhere.  I don’t know how or when, but it became ok to send nude pics within 10 minutes of chatting, first kisses ending up in one night stands, and whole marriages being destroyed on Facebook. Have we become that bad?  I think we have lowered ourselves to the point where we are so empty and shallow that looking in the mirror isn’t what it was.  We look in the mirror now to take the perfect “pic” not to be ourselves.

Stumbling by these 35 years has taught me something.  We are not defined by these labels everyone wants to put on us.  Women, you poor dears, why do you lower yourselves?  Especially when you don’t have to.  I am here to remind you that there is good men out there.  And can be found even online.

I am not going to gush and get mushy about my online love, but I will say this.  These “needle in the haystack prince charmings”  do exist.  They do, with every fiber in my being I believe they do.  He saved me.  Saved me from myself.  Reminded me that I have morals and that I am a lady, and a lady that deserves a gentleman.

Thank you.  I love you.