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Why do I think about him?  I am nothing to him.  I am in love with someone else.  Is it because my love doesn’t spend enough time with me that I am lusting after this guy who is a total jerk?  Here we go with the confusion.

Break the chains.  You are ungettable.


I hate you.  You are stubborn and callous.  Yet I want you.

My love, you love me I love you.

Yet I lust after another, and he is on my mind.

State of confusion.

Dark hearts do not know love.   We are forsaken.

Yet I am here pining over you, thinking about you.

What is about you?

You look like my love.  I see my love when I look at your face.

State of confusion.  It makes no sense.

Trickles down, trickles down.

Drip, Drip.

Blood at my fingertips, as I see you now, ignoring me.

Now you ignore me and I am hurt.  Why??  You are not my love.

Why do I care what you do and how you act?

Why are you on my mind?

State of confusion.