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We are stars.  All of us.  The basic structure and makeup of a star is within every human being.  You know I really never believed in horoscopes or “love matches” with astrological signs.  But as I think more about it and the people that have come into my life there may be something to it. Especially since every zodiac sign is assigned an element as well.  That got me thinking and of course wondering about me and my prince.  So here is what I came up with:

I am a water sign, you are captain of my sea.

Be my captain and tame my ocean, my waves breaking down upon you.

It would take a man of great character and strength to tame this wild ocean.

Ride the seas as my waves crash against your boat always trying to drown you where so many others have perished.

But you will prevail.

And then when things are calm, you will pull into your harbor and plant your foot in the sand.

Ahh.  The sand,  You are an earth sign, my love, I knew this.  And I am water.

Earth and water.  We make up the greatest planet in the universe.

Deep in the caverns of your earth you feel my ocean churning from deep inside you.

Twisting and turning in corners and buried in rocks and deep in your sand.

Together earth and water we travel among the stars around the sun surrounded by the moon,

We are part of a greater galaxy but we are special, Earth and Water.

Without Earth there is no Water, without dirt there is no ocean, without you there is no me.